Thursday, December 22, 2011

Interstate Numbers

English: Map of the present Interstate Highway...Image via WikipediaIf you are going to travel the Interstate Highway System, you should have a basic knowledge of the meaning of the numbers. North-south routes are designated by odd numbers. The small numbers start on the West Coast and increase as one travels east. For example, I-5 runs along the West Coast through Washington, Oregon and California. On the East Coast I-95 stretches from Maine's border with Canada to Miami, Florida.

The even number interstates, which are east-west routes, start with low numbers in the south and high numbers in the north. The longest southern interstate is I-10 which runs from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida. The longest northern interstate is I-90 from Seattle to Boston.

You will notice three digit interstates which encircle and go through major cities. Sometimes I take those routes if I want to avoid rush hour traffic. If it is not rush hour, I will normally just take the regular interstate as I find that is usually the most direct route.

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