Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preparation: Packing room

Time to look at how I prepare for my cross country trips. Hopefully in these next sections, you will find a suggestion that will make packing for your next trip easier.

I use our guest room as a packing room. All the luggage, bags, coolers, luggage straps, and other related items are located in this room. Also kept in this room are all the packing notes and lists. A dry erase board lists all tasks that must be accomplished before I leave. Items that are taken on the trip are placed in the packing room and then crossed off the packing list.

By using this room I can keep the clutter of packing out of the rest of the house. The room also helps me to keep my preparations organized. For example, if I need a cosmetic bag, I will find it in that room.

When the trip is over, I immediately unpack the car and take all items to the packing room. When I wake up the next morning, I have a clean house and can deal with the mess in the room later. I unpack the items and see which ones I did not use at all. Those items do not go back again. This helps me to be more efficient in my packing.

Are there any special steps you take when packing for a big trip?

(Photo of luggage taken in 2011)

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