Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why the interstate?

When you are planning your route, you might notice that smaller highways and roads can provide a more direct way to your destination. Consider these two reasons for choosing the interstate option. If you are traveling by yourself, you will probably find the interstate a safer option. The highway patrol maintains a presence on the interstate and more people travel the interstate. If you have a problem, your chances of getting help are greatly increased. If you travel a smaller road, another person may not come by for a long time.

The second reason is that the smaller road might be more direct, but you may have to travel through small towns where there is a lower speed limit and traffic lights. On the interstate you can make better time because you have higher speed limits.

I do want to point out that there are some instances when the interstate isn't the answer. When traffic is congested on the interstate, I will get off and take another route. However, I always make sure I know where I am going.

The interstate does not go everywhere, so sometimes you have to take smaller highways to get to your destination. However, if you are in this position, make sure you do your research on the area especially if you are traveling alone.

(Photo of I-40 in Arizona taken 2007)

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