Friday, January 27, 2012

Preparation: Choice of cooler

What type of cooler should be used for cross country trips? Pros and cons exist for each choice and every person has his favorite type. Wheeled coolers are a great convenience. They keep the drinks cold for a long time and are easy to transport once removed from the car. One bad aspect of this type of cooler is it takes up a lot of room. Using a slightly smaller cooler without wheels frees up a little more space. It keeps the drinks nice and cold, but is still a hard-shelled object that can make packing around it a challenge.

Another choice is the one I have been using for the last couple years. The soft-sided cooler may not keep my drinks cold for as long as a hard-sided cooler, but it is easier to wedge into available space. Another advantage is the cooler will fold down when empty. I find this aspect convenient when I get to my destination.

The last choice is to not use any cooler at all. Some prefer to go inside the convenience stores at the gas stations or travel plazas to get their cold drinks. It provides an opportunity to walk around and stretch the legs after many long hours of driving. Those who choose this option do not have to worry about buying ice!

The photo used for this post shows the two coolers I used for this trip. The red cooler is placed on the floor of the passenger side right next to the seat. Since it is a tall cooler, I can easily reach over and get what I need out of it.

The other blue cooler that is pictured is placed on the passenger seat. This one holds items that I need during my trip. Change for tolls, gloves, sunglasses, glasses, books on cd, phone charger, kleenex and baby wipes are some of the things contained there. Notice in the photo the flat bottom and sturdy sides of this cooler. I can rummage around for something inside without tipping the bag.

(Photo of coolers taken in 2012)

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