Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparation: Luggage

Sometimes I switch up what luggage I take, but here is what I took on this trip. Two large bags are used for clothes. One is a regular large suitcase that holds all the tops and sweatshirts. The other bag is a large duffle bag that holds all other clothes. Both pieces of luggage have wheels. My medium size bag holds shampoo, conditioner, makeup, toothpaste, etc. This bag as well as the other two stay in the trunk of the car the entire trip. These suitcases do not contain anything valuable. I put my shoes in plastic bags, so I can use them to fill any available empty space. I do have a collapsible bag that I use when I reach my destination, so I can carry in all the shoes in one trip.

In the front seat I have the soft-sided cooler, the computer bag, the camera bag and another soft-sided cooler that holds items needed for the trip such as gloves, change, glasses, sunglasses, the GPS, etc. Anything I might need during driving is in that bag. All these bags go into the hotel with me.

In the back seat is the small wheeled suitcase that holds the changes of clothes and other items needed for the overnight hotel stays. The last bag is a medium duffle bag that holds any electronic item I may be taking with me. Jewelry is also in this bag. Both of these bags go into the hotel.

Even though these bags have been great for this trip, I am always on the lookout for new bags and luggage that will be beneficial for my drives. I am constantly experimenting with different combinations and different types  of bags. Although finding bags that fit well into the car is important, my primary concern is finding luggage that is easy for me to maneuver or carry.

(Photo of luggage taken in 2011)

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