Friday, February 24, 2012

Handy things to take: Dollar bills and quarters

The next new section of this blog is Handy things to take. This fourth section offers suggestions for items that may be useful for drivers to include in their packing. The first post will deal with the subject of cash.

How much cash a person takes on a trip is a matter of personal taste. With ATM machines available, drivers do not have to carry a lot of money with them. However, an ATM does not provide small denominations of bills or change. On cross country trips, I like to take dollar bills and quarters with me for smaller purchases such as food. Paying with dollar bills provides the opportunity to give the cashier a more accurate amount of money. If a mistake is made by the cashier in giving change, it will not be a big one. The quarters come into play for vending machines, tolls, washing machines and dryers. For hotels and gas expenses, I like to use a credit card because it provides a convenient record of the major purchases I have made.

Where do I keep this cash? Certainly not in a purse. I always pack my purse in a suitcase, so it is never visible in the car. I keep one credit card and several dollar bills in the pocket of my windbreaker when I leave the car. I do not carry any visible items other than my keys into a travel plaza or rest area.

(Photo taken in 2011)

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