Friday, February 3, 2012

Preparation: Smaller bags in bigger bags

Years ago I would just throw everything I needed for my trip into my suitcases. When I needed to find something, I would have to rummage around in several suitcases until I found it. To accomplish this task, I would have to pull over to a rest area or travel plaza. While my attention was focused on my search, I had my back to anyone who may have come up behind me. This was not my safest option, so I had to become more organized.

Last year I had amazing luck when I found cosmetic bags on clearance and I purchased quite a few for a few dollars each. I decided to put them to good use in my packing. Medicine, vitamins and supplements were placed in their own bags. The ipod, Wii remote charger, change and makeup were each contained in separate bags. Any accessory or instruction that went with the item was also in that bag. For example, when I needed my ipod, I took out that bag and every cord, cover and instruction was in that bag. These bags kept things organized.

One might think that a problem with this method would be trying to figure out what was in each bag. Normally one squeeze of the bag would let me know what was inside it. To be honest, it really doesn't take a lot of time to unzip and zip the bag. As I look at the photo of these bags, I can tell exactly what is in each one.

Other things I have purchased for cushioning items are neoprene laptop bags. Last year one store had all sizes of a certain brand on sale for $5 each. I bought them in all sizes and colors and they have been really handy. I used them for cameras and other large items I wanted to protect in the suitcases.

The one thing I cannot stress enough in this blog is how important it is to be organized when a person is traveling alone. The time spent organizing suitcases and bags prior to the trip can help to alleviate stress while on the road. I have found smaller bags in bigger bags to be one way to accomplish that goal.

(Photo of cosmetic bags taken in 2011)

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