Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparation: Things to do list

I keep a list of tasks that must be accomplished before I leave on my trip. Examples of these chores include: turning off the water, opening the faucets, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc. In organizing the list I tried to group items in categories such as those pertaining to water, those concerning the refrigerator or those dealing with securing the house. Another approach is to divide items into those that can be done in advance and those that must be completed at the last minute.

When I first compiled this list, I went into each room of the house and determined what tasks I needed to complete. One room had plants that needed to be watered. The basement had a water heater that had to be placed on the vacation setting. Every room had unused electrical devices that had to be unplugged. I kept the list on a clipboard so I could add to it as necessary. The most important thing I do is revise the list every year.

I have this list on the computer and run it off about a month before I leave on the trip. Every year I write down special extra items at the bottom of the list. For example, one year I had to make sure I purchased a gift for a wedding before I left. That was something I would do only that year, so I wrote it at the bottom of the list. I did not type it on the list.

This list has kept me organized for my trips and has greatly reduced my chances of forgetting to do something important.

(Photo taken in 2012)

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