Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Handy things to take: Bags for the camera

Last year I treated myself to a new camera. When I purchased this camera in Los Angeles, I needed a new bag because my old camera bags were back in Ohio. At first I looked for a regular camera bag, but I decided that since I was traveling by myself, I did not want a bag with a brand name on it that was going to broadcast that it contained a camera. I finally found a messenger bag that could hold the camera and all its accessories.

Since the messenger bag did not have sufficient padding for the camera, I had to be creative to save money. I went to several stores to find anything that was made of neoprene. I finally found a neoprene laptop bag that was large enough to hold the camera. For each lens I used a neoprene wine bottle bag. Although created to hold a wine bottle, these bags were great for padding a camera lens. When I did not want to take the messenger bag with me, I placed the camera in the neoprene laptop bag and then put the camera into a big purse or tote bag. As I said, I did not want to draw attention to the camera. If I felt I needed more padding, I used more neoprene bags and some foam I have.

I liked this messenger bag so much that I have not used any of my old camera bags!!

(Photo of camera bag taken in 2012)

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