Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Handy things to take: Travel Binder

In an effort to stay more organized on the road, I put together a travel binder. My choice of binder was one with a flexible cover that could zip closed. The first section of the binder contained information about the trip itself and included the following: a list of my favorite gas stations with their exit numbers and the available restaurants in that area; a set of travel notes with the prices paid for gas, the number of gallons pumped and the mileage at each gas stop; and a list of trips taken with the interstate routes driven for each. Another section had phone numbers and email addresses for friends and the same information for businesses. In addition, I wrote down important business and utility account numbers and hints of the password for each. I did all this as a backup in case something happened to my computer or phone.

The next section of the binder included a list of my medications and supplements in case I needed the information for a medical emergency. I was involved in that type of situation a few weeks ago and all I had to do was grab the paper and take it with me. The miscellaneous section contained the warranty information for my tires, a list of special things I need to remember to do when I return to my house, a supply of blank paper, etc. The last section of the binder was a plastic envelope where I put all the receipts for my trip.

I have tried to contain any important fact or figure I might need for my trip in this binder. When I travel alone, I do not have the luxury of asking someone to find information for me as I drive. Taking the time to put this material together before I leave has saved me a lot of hassle on the road.

(Photo of travel binder taken in 2012)                                                   HB2M

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