Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Handy things to take: Zippered plastic bags

I love zippered plastic bags!! I love them in all sizes from the snack size to the XXL size. Even though I use cosmetic bags, I like to put any bottle with liquid or any powder item in separate plastic bags. That way any spill is contained.

The tiny plastic bags that hold extra buttons for shirts are perfect to use for small pieces of jewelry such as rings, pins or charms. I try to put any item that can scratch or damage something else into a plastic bag. The snack size can be used for jewelry, but is also perfect for makeup.

Gallon-size bags can be used for a variety of things, so I always take a whole box of them with me on trips. Baby wipes, tissues, snacks, makeup and pens are just some examples of items that are contained in their own plastic bags.

I use the really large bags for pillows and bedding. Instead of putting a pillow under my arm to carry it, all I have to do is grab the handle of the bag that contains the pillows. The soft sides of these bags make them easy to wedge into available spaces during packing.

The bags in the photo are my newest ones. After filling them and placing them in the back seat, I use luggage straps to join them together. My final step is to put the seat belts through the handles on the bags to secure them in case of an accident. These bags stay in the back seat of the car when I stop at a hotel. Since the bags are clear, I figure anyone looking into the car will see the bedding, will not be interested and will leave the car alone.

While I love the versatility of zippered plastic bags, I really love how they fold down and are easily stored when I get to my destination.

(Photo of zippered plastic bags taken in 2012)

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