Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handy things to take: Greeting cards

Every time I have gone on a trip, I have had events occur back home that have necessitated the sending of a greeting card. Since I was traveling, I was not always in a position to take the time to find the perfect card. Even though writing an email would have been more convenient, I still wanted the personal touch that sending a greeting card would give.

When I knew I was going to be away for an extended period, I checked to see if someone's birthday fell during that time and took those cards with me. Unfortunately, the largest number of cards I have been sending lately have been sympathy cards. Before I left on my trip I took my time choosing a variety of sympathy cards that would perfectly express the message I wished to convey. When I received word of a sad event, I had the cards ready so I could choose one and send it immediately.

Another type of card I took with me was the thank you note. For some writing a thank you note is considered a lost art, but not for me. When I travel, I am always amazed by the acts of kindness others have shown to me. These acts have ranged from the patient assistance of a hotel employee in helping me with an involved problem to the hospitality of friends who have provided a safe haven to me when I encountered problems on the road. (Thanks numerous times to Sara and Wayne in Topeka!!) Since I never knew when these acts would occur, I wanted to be prepared with cards so I could immediately write out my appreciation.

For years I have traveled with a plastic folder filled with birthday cards, sympathy cards, and thank you notes. In addition I have taken a supply of forever stamps, so I did not have to locate a post office in an unfamiliar town. Having this small supply of greeting cards with me has proved very useful and I would not travel without them.

(Photo taken in 2012)

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