Sunday, April 15, 2012

Preparation: Prepack

Until I actually pack the car, I can only guess as to whether everything will fit. To make the guess more accurate, I do what I call a prepack. I have taken the time to measure the trunk of my Honda Civic for height, depth and width. In addition, I have the measurements of all luggage that I intend to use.

When I decide which pieces of luggage I will be using for a particular trip, I put them in the trunk of the car to see how well they fit and how much extra room I may have. While some may consider this a waste of time, I do not. I like to give myself an idea of how well I am doing in packing.

I do want to point out that when I do the prepack or the actual pack of the car, the vehicle is in my garage. No one knows I am doing this. I do not like to draw attention to the fact that I am leaving. On my return trip I do not prepack the car. I pack the trunk of the car several days before I leave. I throw the suitcases in the back seat of the car and then drive to an another location where I arrange the suitcases in the trunk. When I return to my original parking area, anyone who happened to notice my actions of putting the suitcases in the car, will hopefully think I was just taking them somewhere else. The rest of the items, which would be visible in the back seat of the car, are not packed until I am leaving.

That is where I stand now as I prepare to leave on my return trip. The trunk of my car is completely packed. I still have about nine small and medium bags to put into the car. Since those items would be visible in the car, I will wait until I actually leave to load those into the car. That should take at least three trips.

(Since I will be leaving Los Angeles tomorrow morning, I will be posting this entry on Sunday evening instead of on Tuesday. I am not sure when I will be able to post again. Hopefully, my trip will be free of any problems. Thanks to those who have wished me a safe journey. I really appreciate that more than you know. This trip is not easy!)

(Photo taken in Los Angeles in 2012)

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