Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your Favorite Interstate Exits: I-15 in California

The journey of Interstate 15 ends in California. I-15 passes through the beautiful Mojave Desert and then travels into the cities of Barstow, Ontario, Murrieta, Temecula and San Diego before ending by the San Diego Bay. The traffic from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can be heavy on weekends, so be careful. Also be sure to be cautious in driving through the Cajon Pass area especially if the conditions are extremely windy.

Please share with other drivers your experiences as to which exits are best for single travelers or anyone for that matter.  Reasons for your choice may include the safety of the surrounding area, the availability of good hotels and restaurants or proximity to the interstate.  Please make sure you give the exit number or a description of the location. For example, when I discuss I-40,  I would recommend Exit 145 in Oklahoma City. Many hotels and restaurants were located at this exit and I felt safe in the area. This exit was very convenient for easily continuing west without the hassle of dealing with early morning rush hour traffic.

(Photo of Mojave Desert taken in 2011)

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