Monday, May 28, 2012

Preparation: Dry erase board

Several weeks before I leave on my trip, I write on a large dry erase board the list of all the projects I need to accomplish before I leave the house. I keep this board in my guest room which I use as a packing room. Having the dry erase board makes it easy for me to see where I stand on getting things done. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment to put a line through each item as I complete it. About two weeks before the trip, I move the board to my kitchen so it will remind me what I still need to do.

While some might consider this board a frivolous item, I consider it a necessity. Getting ready for a big trip is a huge undertaking, but it is not the entire focus of my daily life. I have other things to do. Using this board helps keep me aware of all that needs to be done. I am the one who needs to remember all of these projects. I cannot expect anyone else to remind me, so this this board accomplishes that purpose.

(Photo taken in 2012)

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