Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handy things to take: Phone Calling cards

Even though I have a cell phone, I carry phone calling cards (telephone cards) in case something happens to the cell phone. I have never had to use them. To be honest, I have not seen a pay phone in ages! Cell phone coverage can be spotty or nonexistent in some areas of the country. Sometimes I have had a hard time maintaining a call in a populated area without the call dropping! In the desert getting a signal can be impossible. Having calling cards as a backup to call for help is a good idea.

Calling cards are practical items on the road, but are also useful at home. I do not have a landline in my home. If a cell phone outage would occur, I could go to my neighbor's house to use their landline and make long distance calls with the calling card.

These cards are small items that can be easily lost in your luggage. I keep mine in the same bag as my valuables. That way I can quickly find them in case of emergency.

(Photo taken in 2012)
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