Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Road: Medical Concerns

I wanted to address another medical issue that may be encountered while one is traveling. I did not want to extend the last medical post by talking about this because it was important enough to have its own post.

As I discussed in that post, before I left Ohio I made sure that I was aware of the steps I would need to take in order to obtain medical assistance while I was traveling. I had never been ill on any of my trips and I do not know what made me check on this. I did get ill while I was in California and was able to get to a doctor to handle the situation. Unbeknownst to me, I had not gotten the problem completely under control.

I was on vacation and even though I had some pain, I thought I would just wait until I got home to go to the doctor again. While I was in the doctor's examination room, I heard the doctor telling the assistant to contact another doctor who was a specialist because there was a medical emergency. Then when my doctor came in to see me, I found that I was the medical emergency!

The situation was handled promptly and I am better now. Without going into detail about the seriousness of my situation, I wanted to stress that I was willing to put up with the mild pain I was experiencing because I was on vacation. I did not say anything about it to anyone. I did not think it was an important matter. I was so wrong.

I beg everyone to not ignore any discomfort or pain while on the road. I dismissed the symptoms I was feeling to the stress I usually have when I am getting ready to travel. That was wrong and I should have had another medical exam. On my next trip I will be more attentive to my health. I strongly urge all other travelers to do the same.

(Photo taken in 2007)
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