Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Preparation: Inventory of House Possessions

Having an inventory of the possessions in the home is a good idea especially for insurance purposes. Since I like to travel and am away from my house for long periods of time, I make sure to document the things I own.

I have lists on my computer and hard copies of those lists for every dvd, cd, video game and book I own. All items that are stored in a box or tub in my house have also been documented. In addition, I have taken photos of all the rooms in my house and the contents of those rooms. For example, the tubs in this photo are in my basement. One year the sump pump failed and some items in the basement were damaged, so now everything is kept in the tubs. Each one is numbered and the inventory of the contents is kept on my computer and also on a separate hard drive.

When I depart on a trip, I do not leave valuable items in the house. I do not own a desktop computer and I take the laptop and ipad with me. My television sets are really old and no one would want them. Any jewelry of worth is with me. No important papers are in the house.

All travelers should make sure they know what they own at home and are able to prove it.

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