Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Preparations: Medical Issues

Typical scene at a local emergency room
Typical scene at a local emergency room (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
All travelers should make sure they are familiar with the travel guidelines of their medical insurance. Having an idea of what procedures need to be followed in case of a medical situation will help anyone be better prepared in a stressful time.

Vacationers should take their medical insurance card with them. In addition, they should make sure to pack a list of their medications and supplements and be aware of how to obtain refills if needed. Stores like Target have pharmacies and customers are able to obtain their refills from any Target in the nation. A doctor can call in a refill to the local Target and the medicine can be easily picked up at one of their stores in another state.

If they have to go to the hospital, travelers would be wise to ask if the facility takes their insurance. In some states like California, an important question to ask is if the hospital has a contract with the insurance provider. If they are vacationing in one location, people should take the time to research the reviews of the hospitals in the area. They do not want to trust their health to a hospital that has a bad reputation for emergency room service.

On a personal note, I had never checked about obtaining medical assistance while on vacation until last summer just before I left on my trip. My insurance company went over with me what I was to do in case I needed help. When I wasn't feeling well, I knew exactly what to do. I was able to easily locate a doctor and obtain the help I needed.

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