Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparation: Back to School for Everyone

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Although I love Target at all times of the year, I must admit the Back to School clearance time is my favorite. Even though I do not teach anymore and my daughter is no longer in school, I look forward to all the little treasures that Target offers during this time of the year. Students are also going off to college and the dorm students need a variety of items that can also be of use to travelers.

The group of vacationers that benefits most, of course, is the campers. Items that are available for dorms will also help to stock an RV kitchen. Products such as can openers, plates, utensil sets and bedding are available year round, but this dorm group will be less expensive and will be discounted sooner to make way for Halloween merchandise.

The best way to evaluate what merchandise can be utilized is to walk down the aisles and look at the items as they could pertain to travel. A plastic pencil pouch could be used for makeup brushes, change or jewelry. A mesh laundry bag could be used to pack shoes or beach towels and then used for its regular purpose when I reach my destination. Neoprene laptop cases can hold and protect many items. Memory foam, that is far less expensive in the dorm collection, can be used on a hotel bed during a long term vacation or under a sleeping bag to make camping more comfortable. Backpacks can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

When I see an item that could be useful, I wait until school is back in session. Then the markdowns will begin. That is when I will purchase what I need and what I hope I can use. As always, one of my Target philosophies is to purchase the item now and figure out how I will use it later. If I decided to think about the purchase, I find the product is usually gone!
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