Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Preparation: Cable Concerns

If a trip lasts for at least two months, vacationers might consider checking with their cable providers for an opportunity to keep the cable services connected, but inactive. My cable is with Time Warner and it has an option that is called Seasonal (or Vacation) Disconnect. This feature is available to subscribers who are away from their homes for two to five months. I pay a reduced fee for each service that I have and that fee is much cheaper than the regular monthly cost. For example, last year while I was on vacation, I paid $15 for the internet and $15 for the cable for a total of $30 each month. My cable equipment stayed connected at my home while I was traveling, but the cable itself was shut off. I was not charged anything to have Time Warner flip a switch and turn on the cable again. Contact the cable provider to see if it offers such a service and what the costs might be. It might save some money.

For those who do keep the cable connected while they travel and who do pay for HBO, consider putting HBO GO on the ipad. I have done this and I really love it. All seasons of all HBO shows are available in addition to the movies the channel is currently running. Since I subscribe to HBO, this feature is available to me at no extra cost. I plan to experiment with this service on a future trip to see if the claim that one can get HBO GO anywhere is true!

(Photo taken in 2012)
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