Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preparation: Getting the House Ready

In addition to making sure it is securely locked, I prepare the house for my departure in other ways. I empty the refrigerator and unplug it to save energy while I am away. I also unplug all electrical devices such as televisions, clocks and the microwave oven to avoid using electricity. After turning off the water I put a very small amount of RV antifreeze in the drains so the pipes will not freeze if the power goes off in the winter. The thermostat for the furnace is set for 55 degrees and put on hold. The water heater is set to vacation mode.

I move all my plants to one location to make it more convenient for my neighbor to water them. My laundry room was chosen as the location because it is attached to the garage. That way my neighbor does not have to remove his boots or worry about tracking in snow. I fill bottles to provide water for the plants since the water will be shut off. One bottle will provide enough to water the plants each time and my neighbor does not have to take time to guess how much to use.

Other miscellaneous preparations include making sure all the blinds are closed and the windows are locked. I place a piece of wood in the track of the sliding door, so it cannot be opened. I also have plastic tube locking devices on this door and all ground level windows. Another task I do is clean the house. Although that might sound strange, I want the house to look great when I walk in the door after a long drive.

(Photos taken in 2012)      (HBL)

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