Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the Road: Using GPS

I own a GPS, but I do not use it all the time when I drive cross country. If I am traveling on a long straight stretch of road with no other interstate connecting, I will shut it off. I only use the GPS when I drive through major cities.

Sometimes I find the GPS will want to take me on a way I really do not want to travel. That is frustrating. I do not have time to try to determine which route is best while I am driving. That is a distraction that could lead to an accident. In those cases I travel the way I know works. A GPS can make a mistake and news articles will give examples of those drivers who faithfully followed the instructions of the GPS to their regret.

My first GPS (the one pictured) was getting old and I just got a new one for my next trip. I also have GPS on my phone. I find the GPS to be extremely helpful getting around Los Angeles, but I also look at the Thomas Guide before I go anywhere.

Researching a route is important for any trip. I want to know which way I am going in case a GPS is inaccurate or breaks. I always write down a list of the interstates I will be using while I drive across the country and keep it in my travel binder as a backup. I have driven the round-trip from Akron to Los Angeles so many times, I could really do it in my sleep!

(Photo taken in 2011)
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