Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preparation: Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Issuers
Credit Card Issuers (Photo credit: Philip Taylor PT)
With the popularity of online transactions, making credit card payments is easier than ever. Many years ago before I used this service, I had a problem with the payments since I was on the road and did not get my mail. I also did not own a laptop at that point in time.

Fortunately, I have a fantastic credit card company. Discover permitted me to prepay my card when I went on a lengthy vacation. I would just work off the amount and not worry about it. I do not know if Discover still does this today since most people can now manage their accounts online, but at the time it was the only credit card company who would permit this. (I think a lot would depend on the financial situation of each individual with his credit card company, but I do not think it would hurt to see if this option is still available.) What I learned about Discover during that time many years ago is it was the only credit card company who would work with me to find a solution to a potential problem. I have turned to Discover for advice and assistance many times over the years and it has never let me down. I advise anyone who has a travel dilemma involving a credit card to call the company and see how it can help....especially if it is Discover.

When I am leaving town, I always let my credit card companies know I am traveling. This information helps them to determine if the card is stolen or not when they see unusual activity. I also write down the numbers of all credit cards and the 800 numbers to use to contact them. I take only two credit cards with me when I travel to make keeping tabs on them easier.

If I find myself in a situation where I will be away from home and the internet, I always check with my credit card company to see what options are available to me.
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