Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparation: Readying the Car

2001-2003 Honda Civic photographed in College ...
2001-2003 Honda Civic photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Category:Honda Civic (2000) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One month before I begin my drive, I take my car to the service station to get it checked out. I make sure the oil is changed and the tires are rotated. My mechanic road tests the car to make sure it is in good condition for the trip. In particular he checks the air filter since I travel through the desert. I also carry with me the warranty papers for my tires.

Going in to have my car checked a month ahead of time gives me plenty of time to get any problems with the car fixed. If something major needs attention, I will not be as stressed if I have enough time to deal with it.

I always have the same mechanic work on my car in Ohio and the same mechanic work on it in Los Angeles. That way I have people I know and trust who always do the work. I also feel comfortable enough with both mechanics that I can call them if I have any problems while I am on the road. They both know my car very well.

I have had my mechanic Jim in Barberton, Ohio, for a long time and he was highly recommended by friends, but finding a mechanic in Los Angeles took a little more effort. I went on Yelp to read the reviews of various stations. I finally found Olive Auto Center in Burbank. The location was convenient for me and I could walk back to the hotel if I had to do so. I was very fortunate to find an honest man to work on my car. Even though I have an out-of-state car and I am a woman, I have always been treated well by Ali and his staff. I trust them completely, so take that as a recommendation for anyone needing auto work in the Burbank area!
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