Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travel Tales: Short Trip to Baltimore

English: Baltimore Harbor as seen from World T...
English: Baltimore Harbor as seen from World Trade Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I had the opportunity in September to spend a weekend in Baltimore. Since my bags were already partially packed for California, I had to repack one of them for the quick trip. Fortunately, my packing list is on the computer so it was easy to modify it to include only the items that were needed for a short journey. (I have several packing lists which are modifications of the original. The lists for beach vacation, camping, and lengthy California trip have been joined by the one for big city vacation.)

Most of our time was spent in the Inner Harbor and Fell's Point area. What a great place to visit! The weather was beautiful and thousands of people were walking around the harbor area enjoying the lovely fall weekend. The area has over a hundred bars and pubs and numerous shops. Dozens of small dragon boats were among the many types of vessels that were afloat in the harbor.  A Coast Guard cutter and the U.S.S. Constitution were available for tours. The National Aquarium is also located in the Inner Harbor.

We were barely able to scratch the surface of all the area had to offer. We hope to see more of Baltimore and the D.C. area in future trips over the next few months.

A photo of the Baltimore National Aquarium tak...
A photo of the Baltimore National Aquarium taken July 3, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This trip was just for the weekend and the weather was warm. As I was leaving the house, I thought I would leave the water on because I was going to be gone for such a short time. I am glad I changed my mind at the last second and turned off the water. When the toilet developed a leak while I was gone, I did not have a huge water bill because I had taken that precaution. I always take great care to prepare for a long journey; however, I need to take equal care when leaving the house for just a few days! Never know what might happen when the house is unattended!!

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