Monday, November 26, 2012

On the Road: Hotel Availability & Sporting Events

No Vacancy in Red
No Vacancy in Red (Photo credit: Lomo-Cam)
Sometimes when I am traveling, I start to get tired, but I will decide to keep driving until I get to the next major city. I always think my chances of finding a hotel with available rooms are increased if I am looking in a big city. However, this is not true at certain times of the year. In those circumstances when I reach my destination and start to look for a hotel, I sometimes find that I am unable to find an available room. When I am tired, this is a frustrating situation. In my case the reason for the lack of rooms was a big sporting event taking place in the town. In some cities football games and basketball games draw huge crowds from the surrounding area. Staying at a hotel and partying are just as important to some sports fans as attending the game itself. Rooms can fill up fast.

Be aware of sporting events, holidays and other special events that can hinder the chances of finding a room. One way to avoid this situation is to check online to see if any rooms are available. If all the rooms are booked at most hotels, a special event is being held that will probably affect the vacancy at all hotels. Another option is to make a reservation, but if only a few rooms are available, the price will be high. The last option is to stay at a hotel in a smaller town that will not be affected by the event.

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