Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preparation: Packing List Update

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In previous entries discussing the use of packing lists, I have posted both my list for packing and my list for tasks to accomplish in preparing for a lengthy trip. In addition, I have included information about using a dry erase board as another method that keeps me organized in my preparation. These posts have been very popular, so I want to update this information.

This year I became the proud owner of an iPad and an iPhone 5. These devices have helped me to become even more organized than I already was. A month ago my daughter showed me how she used her iPhone to keep her grocery list. She did not have to write down the items she needed on a piece of paper. She listed them on her iPhone and was able to check them off as she shopped.

I decided to use this technology for my packing list. A few weeks ago I took the time to type my lists into the Reminders section of the iPad. The list has a small box in front of each item, so I was able to click on the box for each article as I packed it. For example, I had the new packing list for Baltimore ready to use on the iPad. As I packed each article, I checked the box and the item disappeared from that list and reappeared on the Completed section list. When I was finished with my packing, I was able to click the objects back onto the original list. The list was then ready for the next time I had to pack.

Since I have a MacBook, the iPad and the iPhone, my lists are available on each device. If I am running errands and want to check to see if I need anything for the trip while I am out, I just check the phone. When I complete the task, I check it off and that action appears on all three devices.

If I am able to do this, anyone in the world should be able to handle it. (Those who know me would completely agree with that statement!)

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