Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the Road: Food on the Road

I always have a dilemma as to what food to take on the road. Most families will pack a cooler and have picnics along the way to save money. When I am traveling alone, stopping to have a picnic by myself is not the safest of options.

I have found for me that it is better to take along a travel bag of healthy snacks and protein bars rather than a cooler of food that must be kept cold. I do not like to bother with ice when I travel. Sometimes I will take apples. After wrapping each one in a piece of plastic, I then use the plastic to wrap up the core until I can throw it away.

For me Subway sandwiches are the best option. I will get a foot-long sub and have the employee cut the sandwich into four sections. Each piece fits perfectly in my hand. By having the sandwich cut into these small sections, I am able to easily handle each piece with one hand. I do not need the other hand to help hold the sandwich. I get spinach instead of lettuce so bits of lettuce are not all over the car. One sandwich provides enough food for lunch and dinner. Whenever I go to Subway whether I am traveling or not, I have the employee cut the sandwich this way because it is just easier to eat it.

For breakfast I eat a Mint Chocolate Zone Perfect bar. I love these bars and have had them for breakfast for the last five years. I also like to carry one with me when I am running errands and get hungry. I love them!!

(Photo taken in 2012)
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