Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the Road: Travel with Pets

Years ago our dog was a treasured part of our family and traveled with us wherever we went. Finding a hotel that permitted dogs at that time was very difficult, but today things are not so bad. Many hotels allow dogs, although some have a weight and breed restriction. Most hotels will charge an extra fee for them. Any people traveling with a pet need to research hotel options along their route to know ahead of time exactly where they can stay with a pet. They should not waste valuable time searching for pet-friendly hotels at the end of an exhausting day.

When we would go to dinner, we would have to leave our dog in the room. In order to make sure the dog did not bark at every person who walked down the hall, we kept the television on while we were gone. We found if we put on the Cartoon Network, our pupster would be more content. The happy music and cartoon voices must have been very soothing for her!

The safety and comfort of our dog during a trip was extremely important to us. Every car I owned during the time we had our dog had a sunroof, which we could open for more air for her. We always had a supply of water and a travel water bowl in the car. In addition, the back seat was covered in a thick comforter to make a nice bed for her. She traveled in more luxury than we did.

Even though traveling with a dog can be a lot of work, I never felt safer than when she was with us. Many people were afraid of her and that gave us an extra sense of security. We always felt that people would leave us alone because they did not want to fuss with her. Of course, anyone who would spend more than a couple minutes with her, would find she was the sweetest dog in the world.

I must explain the photo. We were camping in the Outer Banks when Hurricane Bonnie was approaching. We had just been told we had to evacuate and we were loading the car. Our beloved dog jumped into the car via the passenger door and sat behind the steering wheel. She was not going to let us forget her - not that we would! This was one of the few photos of our dog where she was not smiling, so it does not accurately reflect her personality. However, this photo does show how serious she was about protecting her family whom she loved.  She knew the hurricane was on the way and she wanted us out of harm's way immediately. That is why I love this photo so much. That is also why we love her so much and still miss her.

Merry Christmas, everyone!! Thanks so much for reading this blog!!

(Photo taken in 1998)
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