Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On the Road: Rest Area Closures

Another closed rest area.
Another closed rest area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many states are suffering shortfalls in their budgets during these economic times. One way they have cut expenses is to close the rest areas. Each state has done this to a different degree. Some have closed almost all their rest areas while others have not closed any of them. Many states give motorists advanced warning by posting signs that the next rest area is closed, but a few states just place the closed sign on the location itself.

Check each state's website to get an accurate listing of rest area closures. An atlas will not reflect current and changing information on this subject. Motorists will now have to depend on gas stations and most welcome centers for their needs.

Also be advised that while it may be open, a rest area might not have any toilet paper. To avoid being caught in a bad situation, I take a small zippered plastic bag containing baby wipes into the rest room with me. Several wipes fit perfectly into the snack size plastic bag which keeps them moist. The snack size bag fits perfectly into my pocket. Baby wipes are more effective than toilet paper in handling rest room needs. I always carry them so I am prepared in case of emergency.
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