Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Road: State Speed Limits

English: Texas Legislator Pete Gallego (D-Alpi...
English: Texas Legislator Pete Gallego (D-Alpine) unveiling the new 80 mph speed limit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just because the Interstate Highway System is a federal project doesn't mean that the speed limits are uniform across the country. Drivers should be sure to notice what the speed limit is when crossing state borders. If I have spent my day traveling in Arizona and New Mexico, I have been enjoying a 75 mph speed limit. In the past this situation changed when I crossed the Texas border. The Texas officials were waiting for those who do not notice this change and I saw a lot of people being pulled over by the police. Also in some states like Texas the speed limit was lower at night than it was during the day. However, that situation is changing because Texas is in the process of raising their speed limits, but it will take some time to post the new signs completely across the state.

One problem with driving on the interstate all day is I get used to driving at a high rate of speed. When I enter a city, I have to be careful to reduce my speed to adhere to the lowered limit. Drivers also have to be very careful to reduce speeds in construction areas to protect the workers. The fines for failing to do so are very high. Some states have installed signs with lights that flash when construction people in the area are working. That is a big help. Some drivers do not pay attention to speed limits, but I do not let those drivers who want to speed through a construction zone bully me into going faster. I do not want to get a ticket!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Have a healthy 2013!!
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