Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel Tales: One Update & Some Info on Comments

Update: Today is moving day!! This is good news for me and for every person who has been through the ordeal of trying to talk to me on the phone during the last couple months. Although this has been the best visit I have ever had at my usual hotel, it has been challenging for me in dealing with really bad cell phone reception. Thanks for your patience!! I hope the next couple months will be better for calls since I will be living in a quiet neighborhood six miles from here in the valley instead of a hotel complex on the side of a mountain. (The photo below was taken in 2012 and the cell phone tower is visible to the right on the peak. The hotel is located on the lower left side of the mountain. That is why cell phone reception is so terrible.)

Comments Section: Almost all the people who read this blog know me. Anyone who has a question or comment usually calls me, but using the Comments section is another way to contact me. I am not known for faithfully checking my email, but I do work on the blog all the time, so that is where I will see any message right away.

Since I have never commented on any website or blog, I do not really expect people to do so here unless they feel comfortable. In the Comments section anyone can use the "anonymous" option to post, so the name does not appear on the blog. The comment comes to me via email first. If the content is personal and a request is made to not publish it, I honor that request and just answer the email if an address or number is provided by the sender in the body of the text. (It is an anonymous comment and I don't always have everyone's info with me.) If the comment is a general one, I click on a button which sends the comment on its way to be published on the blog site.

Hopefully, the phone situation will improve. If it does not, try the Comments section. Thanks!!!

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