Monday, March 11, 2013

On the Road: California Border Protection Stations

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English: Apples on an apple-tree.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I enter the state of California on Interstate 40, I need to go through the California Border Protection Station in Needles, CA. Officials at these agriculture inspection stations for the California Department of Food and Agriculture want to make sure that unwanted insects do not enter the state. They do have a legal right to do this. Their primary focus is plants, fruits, vegetables and firewood and they will ask drivers some questions and randomly inspect vehicles. Every vehicle has to go through the inspection station and at certain times the line may be long due to the number of cars or the number of inspections that are performed. Cars are not inspected on their way out of California.

I knew they were checking for plants, but I was surprised they were interested in my bag of apples. Before I travel, I wash the apples and then wrap each apple in plastic wrap. When I eat the apple, I put the core back in the plastic wrap so I can throw it away when I get to a place with trash cans. The few apples I had were of no concern to the CA BPS. However, if I had a plant in the car, I would have had to throw it out. I could not have taken it into the state. For more information, click on the link highlighted above link for the CDFA.
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