Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On the Road: Street Signs

In Los Angeles or any city for that matter, be sure to notice the street signs when parking the car. I was trying to find a parking space in Santa Monica and was frustrated because various parking restriction signs were all over the place. Finally, I found a spot that did not have a sign. I was overjoyed at my luck.

When I returned, I found a ticket on my car. I was upset and looked around for the closest sign. As it turned out, a sign was posted, but a tree had grown up around it and completely encased it. Since I have a camera in my phone, I took a picture of the tree-encased sign and gave a copy of it to the SMPD. I did not have to pay the ticket, but after that incident I paid even more attention to the street parking signs!!

Some streets have parking restrictions at certain hours of the day, especially at rush hour. Some streets prohibit parking on the hours that the street is to be cleaned. In some areas residents have special tags that permit them to park on that section of the street since apartments in the area do not have enough parking places for residents. Other drivers cannot use those street parking spaces.

Also be careful to check the curb when parking on a busy street. If numbers are painted on the curb, look in either direction until you see a meter device. A credit card can be used to pay for that parking space.

Now when I park my car, I take the time to check the signs on both sides of the street. I am very careful to notice the times and days listed on the sign. Parking tickets are big business for cities and the fines, especially in cities such as Los Angeles, can be high. I want to spend my money on other things!!!

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