Friday, March 8, 2013

Your Favorite Interstate Exits: I-64 in Kentucky

English: Streaking Lights on I-64. Long Exposu...
English: Streaking Lights on I-64. Long Exposure taken from the horse/bike bridge at Seneca Park in Louisville KY. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Interstate 64 runs east to west across the top portion of Kentucky. I-64 joins the cities of Morehead, Lexington, Frankfort and Louisville. The Natural Bridge is located southeast of Lexington and the Otter Creek Park, the Ohio River Coral Reef Park  and Muhammad Ali Center are located near Louisville. The intersection of this highway with I-65 and I-71 is known as "Spaghetti Junction" to describe the appearance of the ramps. Interstate 64 also joins I-75 for a while.

Please share with other drivers your experiences as to which exits are best for single travelers or anyone for that matter. Reasons for the choice may include the safety of the surrounding area, the availability of good hotels and restaurants or proximity to the interstate. Please make sure to give the exit number or a description of the location. For example, when I discuss I-40, I would recommend Exit 145 in Oklahoma City. Many hotels and restaurants were located at this exit and I felt safe in the area. This exit was very convenient for easily continuing west without the hassle of dealing with early morning rush hour traffic.

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