Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On the Road: Books on CD

A couple years ago I went to a garage sale and picked up some books on cd. I had never listened to that type of cd on a trip. Since they were only $2 each, I thought I would give them a try. One author was new to me and the other two were old favorites. I found it was easier to listen to the authors with whom I was familiar. I already liked their style and their stories held my interest. Last summer T.J.Maxx had some books on cd sets for $4, so I picked up several more.

On this last trip I listened to a book on Anne Boleyn which was fine. I had read the book before and was very familiar with the life of Henry VIII, but the subject matter was not the greatest for my trip. Not that beheadings and executions are not interesting, but the book will not be making another trip with me anytime soon. The other book I had was a light romance. Although that genre is not a favorite of mine, I found myself laughing at the subject matter and throughly enjoying the book. Listening to it made the miles go by faster.

When I purchased these cds from a store, I went on Amazon to check out the reviews for the books. For one of the sets I bought, the reviewers stated the book was the worst one ever written by the author and the story put them to sleep. That was not what I needed while I am driving, so I returned it.

The sets that I purchased at the garage sale had a lot of fingerprints on them, so I would caution anyone who purchases a used set to clean them with Windex before putting them in the car for the trip. In addition, I would recommend placing these discs in a cd wallet to make it easier to have access to them and keep them organized.

(Photo taken in 2011)

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