Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the Road: On the Road Office

My laptop and ipad are with me on every trip, but they are only part of my on-the-road office. I take a pouch of pencils, pens and highlighters for every need. The pouch also includes scotch tape, a small stapler and staples, and a pair of scissors.

Paper is important. I take a couple dozen sheets of typing paper. Post-It notes and small note pads are also included. When I am going on a trip that will be for an extended period, I also take a magnetic note pad for the refrigerator and a couple of magnets. That way I can make use of the refrigerator door as a bulletin board.

When I first started traveling, I did not bother to pack these items. I purchased what I needed as I needed it. After a while the items began to accumulate and I noticed that the money I spent on these items was beginning to grow. I have found that packing these items allows me to have them available immediately when I need them. The small items fit in a zippered bag and the paper fits into the front zippered compartment of the suitcase. Having these items with me has been very convenient.

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