Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the Road: CDs

I used to take all my favorite cds with me when I would travel. One day it occurred to me that it would cost me a lot of money to replace the cds if someone stole them from the car or if they were damaged in a hot vehicle. I went through all of them and chose my favorite songs and burned them onto blank cds. Now if they are stolen or damaged, I will not be upset because I still have the originals.

When I travel, I have the cds in a cd wallet that holds 48 discs. In addition, I always carry an extra wallet to hold any cds or dvds that I may purchase on a trip. That way I can put the new discs in the wallet and leave the cases in the car when I check into a hotel.

I know some might think using an iPod would be easier and I agree. I just purchased a new car stereo that has a hookup for my iPod and I have been getting used to playing the iPod in the car. However, I will still continue to have a few cds with me on my next few trips.
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