Tuesday, July 30, 2013

On the Road: Fitness on the Road - Exercise DVDs

Earlier I discussed using a Wii as a method to keep up fitness regimens while on the road. However, not everyone owns a Wii and those who do own one, may find the Wii too bulky to pack for a long trip. Why not use the gym at the hotel? That is certainly an option, but I am usually too leery to use an exercise room by myself in a strange place late at night. I do get a lot of exercise while walking around seeing the attractions at vacation locations, but I need something for the rainy days that happen often during my long periods of time away from home.

This summer I decided to put together an alternative to the Wii for my travel needs, so I would have more than one fitness option. After I had dropped off a donation of my clothes that no longer fit to our local Goodwill, I looked through the store and noticed some exercise dvds. The great thing about these discs is they are always in excellent condition. People get rid of them because they do not use them. I wrote down the titles and then went on Amazon to read the reviews. If I did not know whether certain dvd workouts were too difficult for me, I checked the discs out of the library to try them. Armed with the names of the exercises dvds with the highest ratings, I searched local thrift stores and quickly found the ones I wanted. (I hardly ever pay full price for anything and pride myself on being an excellent bargain shopper!) The toughest one to find at discount was highly rated Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, but I found that while I was in Cleveland yesterday for less than half price.

I have put these in a cd wallet and will take some of them on my next trip. I have noted for myself which ones involve jumping, so I will not use them in a situation when I am not on the ground floor of a hotel. Others that involve Pilates or the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout would not disturb anyone staying in the room below me.

In order to do these exercises in a hotel room, I got a yoga mat. Actually, I did not seek to get the mat. The Tracy Anderson dvd had the mat included and the set was half price, so now I own my first yoga mat. I was determined I was not going to buy a strap for the mat, so I turned to Pinterest. I found a link to a Martha Stewart article that explained how to use a dog leash for a yoga mat strap. Problem solved and at no cost to me.

I do realize that most of these exercise videos are on YouTube. In some situations I am unable to get a solid internet connection on the road, so I wanted an option that was more reliable. I can play these dvds on my laptop in the hotel which makes the sessions convenient and private. I have also purchased ones that have 10-minute sections in case I do not have much time. This offers an inexpensive option for keeping fit on the road.

(Photo taken in 2013)
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