Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travel Tales: On the Beach

My favorite vacations have always included trips to the beach. People assume I devote a lot of time to lying in the sun since I always come home with a deep and even tan. That really is not true. I get extremely bored sitting on a beach chair or stretched out on a beach towel. I want to get my sun and some exercise as well. That is why I spend all my time at the beach walking.

When I lived in Florida, I would park my car at one of the main beach areas and then walk down to the St. Lucie Inlet. That would take me at least an hour. I carried a beach towel with me as well as sunscreen, drinks, snacks, camera, phone and plastic bags. Here is a photo of my current beach bag, which has two zippered sections on the bottom. One section is a small cooler and the other is for small items such as sunscreen and valuables. I make sure I put my phone and camera in Ziploc bags so they will not get wet. The top part of the bag is for my beach towel.

When I arrive at the beach, I put my sunscreen all over my body. I walk to the edge of the water, take off my sandals and put them in one of the plastic bags, which then goes in the large part of my beach bag. I always walk along the edge of the water because the reflection of the sun on the water will help to give me an even tan all around my legs. The temperature of the water keeps me cool as I walk.

I have a couple pieces of advice for vacationers at the beach. Those who leave their belongings for a walk along the beach might consider using a camera phone to take a picture of the area. That could save time later in trying to remember where personal property is located in a sea of umbrellas, chairs and towels. Another helpful hint is to shuffle one's feet when walking into the ocean. Some creatures rest on the ocean floor and a swimmer who steps down on them might get a nasty surprise. Those who shuffle their feet will touch the side of the creature who will probably swim away.

I carry plastic bags for shells. Looking for shells as I walk provides an enjoyable activity for me. I never get tired of it. After this trip I brought back four bags of shells. What do I do with all these shells? I put them in tall vases and bowls and keep the rest in tubs for any craft project I might see on Pinterest. On some summer days my neighbor's grandkids come over and we go through the tubs and use my books on shells to identify the them. Then the kids get to keep their favorites. I can always find a use for the free souvenirs of my trips.

(Photos taken in 2013)
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