Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Travel Tales: Wrightsville Beach

This summer I had the opportunity to spend time with my daughter in North Carolina where she was working. We both love the beaches in that state, so this was a great opportunity. She was staying in an oceanfront condo on Wrightsville Beach, so I had the great fortune and convenience of being right on the water. I have never been to a beach in North Carolina that I did not love and this was no exception. However, I was happy that I was able to avoid a few problems. First, the traffic to get to the beach during the season is extremely heavy. Second, finding parking during the season when vacationers get on the island is extremely challenging. Last, if a driver is lucky enough to find a parking place, he should be prepared to pay dearly for it. The meters were $2/hour or $12 for the day. I was able to avoid this by staying in a condo on the island.

Most of my walks were to the southern end of the island where I enjoyed the Masonboro Inlet. One day I decided to walk to the northern end to see the Mason Inlet and found that part was even more amazing. I took hundreds of photos that day and many were absolutely stunning. In fact, I ended up blowing up and framing many of them that are now on my living room wall.

The vast stretches of sand and shallow pools were incredible and so were the marches around the side of the inlet. This area was just breathtakingly beautiful on the days I was there. I happened to hit the right mix of tide and sky.

What I like about this beach is that it is not as commercialized as places such as Myrtle Beach. I met so many people on the beach and everyone was so friendly! Although I met some locals and many people from Raleigh, the majority of people I encountered on the beach were from Ohio. In fact, I met two really great people who live about ten miles from me. We spent the afternoon exploring the inlet area and beach while looking for shells. Thanks for the great day, Chris and Katie!!

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