Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Road: Quiet, Please!

When I stay at my usual hotel complex in Los Angeles, I always have the incredible luck of getting one of two types of rooms. In the past I have stayed either in the room located under the 300 lb. people who like to dance or in the room located next to the drunken interns who like to party every night. Dealing with the noise of other rooms is one of the challenges of staying in a hotel. If the establishment clearly posts the quiet hours and the noise is occurring after that time, a traveler can call the front desk or security to complain.

If nearby rooms are noisy but quiet hours are not yet in effect, a few options can be tried. One technique is to turn on the television. Over the past few years I have learned how to fall asleep this way. It enables me to be one in charge of the noise level. Another idea is to pack a small desk fan and use it on the nightstand for some white noise. Hopefully, the noise of the fan will drown out the loud people. A last resort would be to use earplugs. I usually take several different brands with me. In fact, I always carry earplugs with me just in case I need them. Check out online reviews and find the pair that works best to keep out the noise.

If those options fail, one can always request a room change. Sometimes the hotel is full and a change is not possible. A new room can bring a whole new set of problems, so make sure to investigate the change as much as possible.

Online reviews of hotels are available on several travel sites and Yelp. Taking the time to research a hotel can help to give travelers an idea of the personality of hotel. If the reviews of the hotel contain countless comments about paper-thin walls and excessive noise, vacationers might look elsewhere for a good night's sleep.

I wish I could say that I have found a way to deal with the sound and vibration of heavy footsteps above me, but that is not the case!!!
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