Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the Road: Shoes for Driving

Taking the time to choose a comfortable pair of shoes for travel is an important task for any driver. Many people do not worry about their footwear since they figure they will just be sitting in the car for the entire trip. Those individuals do not think about the swelling of the feet that occurs when a person sits for a long period of time. The possibility of having to walk a long distance for assistance in the event of a car mishap does not enter their minds.

In the past I have usually worn tennis shoes when I am driving for a long distance. When I wore sandals for an entire long trip, I sometimes suffered from swollen ankles by the end of the day. In the winter I found boots too uncomfortable for driving for a long stretch, but I have worn them if the weather was bad. Hiking shoes that do not cover the ankles have also been a good option for me. I just make sure that the height of the heel on any shoe does not put my foot at an odd angle that would make my ankle hurt after a long time. If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to walk for assistance, I want to have a good pair of shoes that will not damage my feet.

Last year I dug around in the mass of shoes in my closet and found a pair of tennis shoes that had velcro fasteners instead of shoelaces. What a pleasure it was to wear them! I did not have to worry about the shoelaces coming undone at inopportune times. If my feet started to feel a little uncomfortable, I just loosened the velcro. When I stopped to get out of the car, I could quickly refasten the strap. Love these shoes!! Shoes with elastic laces are also a good option.

When driving for hours in the desert, I have chosen sometimes to wear sandals for that time period because my feet got too hot when I wore tennis shoes.  However, I always made sure to have another pair of walking shoes available in the trunk of the car. Taking the time to make sure I took proper footwear on vacation helped to prevent some sore feet later.

(Photo taken in 2011)

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