Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On the Road: Keeping Valuables Safe

When I travel, I put anything that is valuable in one of three bags. The first case contains camera equipment. I usually put the camera bag inside a backpack so a person looking into the car does not realize the camera is inside the bag. I think that having the words "Canon" or "Nikon" on a bag alerts potential thieves to the value of the contents inside the case. The second suitcase contains the laptop, iPad and Kindle. Finally, the last piece of luggage is a catch-all that holds everything else of value. Jewelry, money, the iPod and my Wii are some examples of what is contained in that bag. Knowing that the valuables are in only those particular bags makes it easy for me to grab them first and carry them into the hotel room. I pack these bags on the floor of the passenger seat and in the back seat. I never pack them in the trunk of the car because I do not touch anything in the trunk during my trip.

I do not carry a purse when I travel. Credit cards and cash are in my pocket or sometimes in a pouch that is under my sweatshirt. My jewelry is in a bag that has zippered pockets. When I arrive at my destination, I unroll it and attach it to a clothes hanger and place a coat on the hanger to cover the jewelry. Then I hang the coat in a garment bag. In addition, I keep a list of the pieces of jewelry I take on the trip with me. Taking a small piece of jewelry would be very easy for a hotel worker or the owner of a private rental to do. My jewelry is not expensive, but I do like it, so I try to protect everything. If I did have valuable jewelry, I would put it in a hotel safe.

(Photo taken in 2011)
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