Monday, March 24, 2014

On the Road: Dehydration

One of my biggest problems on the road is dehydration. Since I travel during the cooler months of the year, I usually have the heat on in the car. When I arrive in the Southwest, I spend hours traveling in the heat of the desert. Sometimes I do not realize that I am getting dehydrated. One way I combat dehydration is to carry packets of EmercenC in the glove compartment of the car as well as in my luggage. When I feel dehydrated, I simply tear open a packet and add the contents to a drink. That way I have something that is always with me and easy to use at any time. In addition to the potassium, EmergenC also has 1000 mg. of Vitamin C.  I like to put mine in Arizona Diet Green Tea. When I feel a little ill, I take this and almost always I feel better. EmergenC is available everywhere.

The symptoms of dehydration are dizziness, headache, tiredness and weakness. Sometimes I feel like I am going to faint. Even though I am aware of how easily I get dehydrated, I still let it sneak up on me. Once I realize that dehydration is the cause of my physical discomfort, I act on it immediately. Letting that kind of situation get worse can have dire consequences for any individual. Travelers should be aware of the particular aspects of the environment where they will be staying and how those factors can impact their health especially if the conditions are overly humid or excessively dry. Even though it is a major city with many large stretches of concrete, Los Angeles is still in a desert area and travelers sometimes forget that. In any case, taking care to stay properly hydrated is extremely important when one is traveling.
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