Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Travel Tales: Akron to LA 2013 - Day Three

Packing the car in the rain was not fun and I was not looking forward to driving in the bad weather. I try to avoid that kind of situation as much as possible. This day's journey would involve going through mountainous areas and the desert. This is challenging in good weather, so I did not know what to expect. The rain was pretty intense on the mountain when I was leaving Flagstaff and I kept my speed down as I drove down the mountain. Once I got to the bottom, I was glad to have the rain stop. I noticed that a rain cloud seemed to be stuck on the top of the mountain.

The surprise of the day was I got to drive most of the day in cloudy conditions with no rain. I love driving through the Mojave Desert. It is the favorite part of my trip. Usually I have clear weather, so this was a different experience for me. On the plus side, the clouds kept down the temperature and they also brought another aspect to the beauty of the desert.

As I came out of the desert at Barstow, I noticed the dark clouds and I had to deal with the rain as I drove on the 15. My journey down the Cajon Pass was nerve-wracking. I could not see in the beginning. Since I thought this would be a possibility, I drove behind a truck and watched his tail lights. When I was halfway down the mountain, the rain subsided and the visibility improved. The traffic began to back up near the bottom of the mountain and I noticed some people sitting on the bank of the interstate. These people had been involved in an eight-car chain reaction accident. Driving down this pass under ordinary circumstances is challenging, but traveling in the rain makes it extremely dangerous.

When I got on the 210, the weather cleared and the sun was shining brightly as I arrived at my daughter's place. I am always overjoyed to arrive at my destination safely. That makes all the effort of preparation worth every minute. On this trip my attention to weather forecasts and my willingness to alter my plans to accommodate changing conditions helped me stay out of harm's way. Winter storm Boreas had a huge impact on people across the United States. I was happy to stay out of the way.
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