Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Travel Tales: Akron to LA 2013 - Day Two

After a wonderful sleep at the hotel, I wanted to get on the road early. Since I was supposed to have a fairly clear day, I wanted to travel as far as possible. When I checked the weather before I left Ohio, I saw I would have rain on the entire third day. The fourth day would have about two hours of rain. My plan was to get to Flagstaff and stay for two nights.

I do not like to get gas in major cities because I do not know what kind of neighborhood I am encountering when I exit the interstate. However, since gas prices are lower in and around major cities, I will get gas just outside the city.  Albuquerque is an obvious choice for gas since the city is centrally located In New Mexico on Interstate 40 and I have always refueled on the west edge of town. I was surprised and happy to see a new Pilot station located east of Albuquerque at Exit 196. That location was so convenient for getting gas without the hassle of dealing with an unknown city.

The day did not go as planned. The weather situation had changed and now the Weather  Service was warning of a winter storm which it eventually named Boreas. I had to deal with rain for almost all of New Mexico. The hotel coupon book did not offer many choices, so I decided to treat myself to a more expensive hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. I figured if I had to wait out some bad weather, I would do it in style.

Driving up the mountain in Flagstaff in the heavy rain was not easy, but I was able to make it to the hotel safely. When I watched the weather report, I found out conditions were getting even worse. Now I needed to change my plans again and leave the next day to drive the last seven hours. I would have rain on that day, but if I waited the rain would be heavier the following day. This storm was going to sit over the Southwest for a few days, so I decided to get out of its way.
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