Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On the Road: Using a Car Duster

This was the one thing I forgot to put in the car trunk on my last trip. I had the car duster in the garage ready to go, but I forgot to pack it and I really missed it. A lot of pine trees were on the property where I stayed on my vacation and my car was coated in yellow pollen every day. Using a car duster solved that problem in the past and saved me from having to wash my car as often. My car looked terrible without it!!

I did not have the duster for my first couple trips to California. I always found myself thinking that I would love to just dust off the car...duh!!! The car was not really dirty, just dusty. Needless to say, the duster has been added to my packing list, so I will not forget again. I have never tried to use a Swiffer on the car, but I suppose it would work as well on a limited basis. However, I doubt it is up to the task of dusting off an entire car.  The car duster does not take up much room, so packing it is not a problem and having it to clean the car saves money on car washes.

This year I did not forget to pack this handy device. California is suffering the greatest drought of its history and dust has been everywhere. The water situation is also an issue, so I feel that dusting off the car helps to conserve water and also helps me keep the car clean. I used that device every day!!

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