Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spurs, Bypasses and Beltways: Georgia

Atlanta Downtown Connector at night
Atlanta Downtown Connector at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Of the five auxiliary highways in Georgia, two of them are for Interstate 85. The largest is Interstate 285 which is the beltway around Atlanta. This highway is 64 miles long with I-75 and I-85 crossing from north to south and I-20 running east to west. Drivers coming in on I-75 will find I-285 West the shorter bypass route. Those on I-85 will find I-185 East a better option. Traffic can be a nightmare in Atlanta, but drivers will find taking either I-75 or I-85 through the city a faster option during slow traffic times. The trick is to find the slow traffic times! Next, Interstate 185 leaves I-85 at Mountville and travels 49 miles south to Columbus. Interstate 985 leaves I-85 northeast of Atlanta at Buford and travels 24 miles to SR369 near Gainsville.

Near Macon, Interstate 475 leaves I-75 at Exit 177 and travels west of I-75 for nearly 16 miles. I-475 provides a bypass for Macon and rejoins I-75 at Exit 156. Interstate 575 begins near Nelson which is north of Atlanta. It journeys south for 31 miles to I-75 at Kennesaw. Also in Atlanta is Interstate 675 whose length of 11 miles joins I-75 to I-285.

In Savannah Interstate 516 runs for almost seven miles as an auxiliary of I-16. It travels north toward Garden City. Interstate 520 in Augusta provides 17 miles of access to the city. It begins at Exit 196 of Interstate 20 in Georgia and make a half circle around the city before rejoining I-20 in South Carolina.

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